Thrift Store

Prior to the opening of the Thrift ‘n Gift, CARE had two big sales in the spring and fall. A couple of CARE Residents came up with the idea of having a resale shop year around.

Art and Marion Bourke Estate funded the first building. They had been CARE Residents and big supporters of CARE.

The store today is an integral part to keep CARE affordable for its residents.

Each year the shop expanded and kept growing. In the Fall of 2022 CARE built a much bigger building for
Thrift ‘n Gift funded by the Sandy Elkins’ Estate.


It is open Thursday thru Saturday 9 am-2 pm.

What Do We Sell?

The shop is operated totally by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, talk to our Manager during business hours.

  • Clothing,
  • Shoes,
  • Housewares,
  • Small appliances,
  • Furniture,
  • Pictures,
  • Collectibles,
  • Jewelry,
  • Glassware,
  • RV Items,
  • Books, DVDs, CDs, VHS, Cassettes, LP records,
  • Linens,
  • Crafts, games, puzzles,

…and the list goes on and on.

We have everything imaginable. There are new items daily. Many items are new or nearly new. Come for a bargain. We have lots of them!

We Accept Donations

accepting donationsThere is a white donation box in the parking lot for adult clothing, shoes, linens, and non-breakable items when the shop is closed. During open hours bring donations to the receiving area. We take RV items of all kinds, pet cages, and more. We often get the leftovers from estate and yard sales. We would like advance notice when furniture items or a trailer load of items are being delivered.

We have a Facebook page and we also advertise on Marketplace and several local Facebook buy &  sell sites.