Frequently Asked Questions

Escapees CARE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit adult residency program designed for RVers whose travels are interrupted or reduced because of, age, injury, sickness, or surgery.

It is in Livingston, Texas, adjoining Rainbow’s End campground and Escapees headquarters. It is governed by its own Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers. Heading the professional staff is a Director, who handles business affairs, and a program nurse in charge of the licensed program.

A resident’s RV is parked on a CARE Center site. Assistance is available through a staff on weekdays. Residents return to their own RV with the security of knowing someone is within call if needed.

Escapees CARE, Inc. offers two programs: the Respite Care program is open to the public at large, and the Residency program requires Escapees RV Club membership. If Escapees CARE, Inc. has fewer than two openings, a new application requires a minimum of a one-year membership in the Escapees RV Club.

Many people stay only long enough to recuperate from illness or surgery. Others plan to make CARE their final home. Many who “came here to die” are traveling again, thanks to the activity and socialization of CARE. “Come to CARE to get Stronger, to Live Longer”

Every attempt is made to match CARE’s services to accommodate changing needs. We hope most people can stay with us in their own RV home, surrounded by friends who truly care about them. If a physician determines there is a need for more help than we can provide, or if physical or mental capacity deteriorates to the point of being a danger to yourself or anyone, we help the family to make other arrangements.

Yes. Your pet (under 50lbs, unless it’s a certified working service dog) is welcome as long as you are able to properly care for it and can control its social behavior. Pets must be on a leash and you must clean up their messes.

Yes, but you must be able to walk to the dining center and function independently.

There is no deposit, entrance fee, or contract. You pay one month in advance.

The center opens at 7.30 am and locks up at 9 pm every day. The Respite Care program operates on weekdays from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. The building is open evenings and weekends for socializing. Three meals are served every day with the help of volunteers and staff.

YES, to retain your site and use of the storage shed, you pay a fee – if you are gone for a full month or more. Or you can give up your site and be placed on another one (if available) when you return.

YES, but only with a full-time caregiver since our program only provides supervision during the day in the Respite Care. Our purpose is not only to assure that all residents are safe, but also to provide daytime relief for these caregivers. Other caregivers parked beside you provide emotional support. Living in a caregiver setting in your own RV is something no other program offers. Our Respite Program features a coded door system and allows freedom of movement while keeping residents and clients from wandering into unsafe places.

It has an ambulance and paramedic services plus a dialysis unit and home health and hospice agencies. There is a well-equipped hospital that can do most diagnostic tests and operations plus an emergency department. And Houston, less than 75 miles away, is well known for its many specialty hospitals.

If you find cooking, cleaning, and laundry becoming difficult and no longer feel confident while driving, or can’t remember if you’ve taken your medicine properly, this may be the time to enter CARE rather than waiting for a catastrophic occurrence that forces you into a nursing home. Sometimes friends and relatives have to tell us it is time to get help.

Our prices will continue to be low because of donations from many generous Escapees who provided the funds to build the CARE Center without any loans. Their ongoing support allows us to continue to serve even low-income residents and clients. Plus we have many Escapees who continue to volunteer.

Why not give us a try? You can fly to Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston where a volunteer will meet you and bring you to CARE. You can stay at Pearl’s Place, a completely equipped cottage, while you try out the new program.

If you want to apply for the program or need added information, call our Nurse at 936-327-4256 to briefly discuss your physical situation and when you would like to move in. She will advise of availability and send you admission papers.

And remember, coming to CARE is not a final decision. Because there is no admission fee, you will not lose money if you decide to leave. You pay one month at a time, in advance, so any time you are ready to go back on the road you can do so.