How Do I Apply?

It's Easy!

  • Call for an application and consent form (1-936-327-4256) or email a request to

  • For couples two applications are needed.

  • Get the consent forms signed by a physician.

  • Mail or fax documents to CARE. (Fax: 936-327-2368), if you mail, keep a copy of everything.

  • The admission committee will determine if we can help you.

  • Your pet under 50lbs is welcome, too, if you are able to properly care for it.

  • You must submit proper papers on shots and health.

  • Pets must be on a leash and all droppings must be picked up and disposed of properly.


You determine if CARE is the program you want, and we evaluate whether we are able to provide the services you need.

The more accurately you fill out the application form, the more certain you can be that the admissions committee will make the proper determination before you make the move.


Escapees CARE, Inc.
155 CARE Center Drive
Livingston, TX 77351
Fax: 936-327-6428



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