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Caregiving, especially for loved ones with dementia can be overwhelming when it continues month after month and year after year with no end in sight. It is little wonder that many caregivers become totally burned out. The only answer then is to put the loved one into a nursing home, Assisted Living or Other Facility.

From working with Alzheimer's victims at CARE since 1993, we know we can short-circuit that burnout by providing uninterrupted time for a caregiver to take a nap, read a book, or go shopping without fear that the spouse will wander away and get lost. With this in mind, CARE has a special Adult Day Care program that features:


Doors that open only with code access provide security from wandering into unsafe places, while an open door into a fenced-in garden gives the illusion of freedom.


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Nurses monitor the client's health through blood pressure and weight checks and administer medications as prescribed by the doctor. A professional staff helps clients with bathing, dressing, and eating. Although Alzheimer victims may be physically capable of feeding themselves, in some stages of the disease they forget how to use the eating utensils.


Simple games, looking at picture books that stimulate memories, and singing the old songs are all ways to keep remaining brain cells stimulated.

Caregivers frequently tell us that their loved one is calmer, happier, and sleeps better after a day spent in our Adult Day Care program.

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